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Frequently used, established damage models as well as the newly developed modeling approaches from research area C are being validated by project S01 in cooperation with research area A. For this purpose, simple reference components are defined for the respective processes. By these reference components (e.g. a V-profile as reference bending part and a rotationally symmetrical extruded part) the damage is characterized on different scales.

The existing damage models and the newly developed approaches are then validated on the basis of the damage characterization carried out and measured process parameters such as stamping forces. In the next step, the models validated by the reference components are used for more complex components (demonstrators) and tested again. Furthermore, the strategies developed for the identification of material parameters are also evaluated in this working group with regard to accuracy and effort. The results of the first funding period serve as a reference for the subsequent funding periods to document the progress of the model developments.

Group leader
Project S01
Alexander Schowtjak M. Sc.
Institute of Forming Technology and Lightweight Components (IUL), TU Dortmund University